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I work with creative businesses to show you how you can take your business from good to great

With twenty years of experience in the design industry I’m here because I want to share with you what I know

And in the process, help you to level up, majorly!

My design career has been full and super varied so far – and I’ve loved every second! All specifically within the design industry as an:

  • interiors journalist
  • shoot director
  • stylist
  • design expert
  • own brand founder
  • PR and design consultant

I know one thing for sure…

I know this industry inside and out! And my experience span is huge. From big brands such as B&B Italia, Porada, Kartell, Foscarini and Moroso to wonderfully unique sole trader businesses with such an incredible niche that the world needs to know about them.

I’ve worked with, and had the privilege of, such an incredible career in the design industry thus far, that I now want to share my knowledge with you so I can keep contributing to this inspirational design landscape in my own unique way.

So, what exactly do I do?

I work with creative business to show you how you can take your business from good to great, giving your business + career the major level up you know is possible. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to level up whilst seriously enjoying the process? I believe business should not only look good but feel great. I believe there is WAY more to running a creative business than doing it ‘just because you love it’.

You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.
Maya Angelou

I believe you should be paid well ‘because you love it’.

Side note: ‘Why, oh why, in the creative industry do we think there’s a trade-off to be had between enjoying what we do versus being paid well for it?’

Except I don’t think there is a trade off!

In fact, I think those of us that work in the creative sectors, driven by sheer passion, deep-rooted belief in what we do and an insane love for sharing our gifts and talents should be paid exceptionally well! Because if customers and clients won’t pay well for that kind of awe-inspiring work who will?

Simply put, I want to help you attract higher paying ideal clients and get super clear on your brand strategy

Because this is how you win BIG. And you’re probably sat there thinking ‘well, this all sounds great but how do I get there?’ And ‘do you even know how hard this can be?’

The answer is ‘Yes!’

I know exactly what that battle between creative + business brain feels like

Your true passion should feel like breathing; it’s that natural
Oprah Winfrey

Are you ready?

I want you to feel and be your BEST YOU

Whether we work together as part of a Coaching Package one to one; you invest in a One Day Intensive or you sign up for one of my online programmes,
I will show you how to make your creative business the business enterprise you want it to be!

Let's Go!

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Private Coaching

Do you feel stuck? But know if someone ignited the flame you could be better than ever before? Through exclusive, private coaching, I will show you how to fall back in love with your business all over again and grow in ways you never knew 'how'. Start your transformation here!

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One Day

Want results fast? Need clarity quickly so you can create the level up IMMEDIATELY and set new goals to get you there? Book a Private One Day Intensive with me where we'll dive deep into where you're at and where you want go. In one day we will create your next steps together so they feel exciting, empowering and achievable!

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Seriously Stylish


Are you running a business that looks ok from the outside but could benefit from feeling great on the inside? Let me show you how to take your brand from good to great - it's what I do! Through mindful consulting, intuitive team coaching and brand strategy, I will give you all the tools and knowledge to realign your business with your ideal customer so that you stand out in your market place.


My Tribe


We all want to know why we should work with someone and when it comes to this very special investment in your business and career, I fully support you in making the one decision that could change the course of your life!

So I thought you’d like to hear what my clients say about the HUGE successes they’ve achieved.

P.S. These SSB clients are all incredible in their own right so you might also want to check out their success stories online just to see how far they’ve come…they’re inspirational to me

I can't speak highly enough of Nicola as a business coach. If it wasn't for her I would still be working in a job that was going nowhere rather than working as a Self-Employed Interior Designer. She kept me super focused on the end goal, gave insightful business advice and was always supportive and encouraging throughout. I am definitely looking forward to working with her again in the future.’
Amy Jones | Greta Mae Interiors
‘Nicola is BRILLIANT! My coaching sessions with Nicola opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities for my brand.

I had always envisioned my brand styling as classic luxury, and struggled to align my visual components in a way that elevated rather than detracted from my copywriting. With Nicola’s help I went from knowing something was missing in my brand visuals to having a crystal-clear understanding of what I had overlooked and what I needed to ensure that every element of my brand reflects my luxury promise.

If you need guidance with styling your brand so that it represents you and your vision, book Nicola while you still can!’
‘Nicola’s profound knowledge and experience has guided us through a full re-brand - vital to standing out from the rest! Throughout the whole process, she offered wonderful support and coaching which was so beneficial to the company as we do not employ an in-house marketing specialist.

On a personal level, Nicola has built my confidence to the extent that I am now happy to lead on the marketing. I have no doubt we will engage with Nicola in the future.

Today we are so proud of how far we have come but know we would not have achieved so much without Nicola's help. She has been incredible throughout!'
AMY MORGAN | Carreg Construction
‘Nicola has an overwhelmingly positive and productive attitude which has proven to be highly effective in helping us drive our business forward.

Nicola asks the questions we don't think to ask ourselves and she makes us answer the questions we don't want to ask ourselves!

The end result has been a renewed enthusiasm and motivation, leading to some incredibly positive changes, and growth in our aspirations.

Our business is branching out into areas we wouldn't have considered a few months ago and Nicola has been instrumental in encouraging us onwards and upwards.’
Working with Nicky is eye-opening, surprising and wonderful. She has a very reassuring, open style but she isn’t afraid to call you on your bullish*t and question things you’ve always assumed to be true!

I just find it an amazing combination that Nicky can simultaneously handle my ’stuff' that pulls me down, and rocket-propel me so that my business leaps forwards.

Since working with Nicky my income and number of clients has increased and I’ve been able to be much more focused on what I want to do and who I want to work with. I’m really excited to see where we will go next.
Nancy Poller I Aligned Design Co

worked with Nicky?

and got a success story you’d love to share?

For goodnessake, don’t hold back: this is your chance to shine and acknowledge big wins. Drop us a line and we’ll share your story!

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And you know what else? I'd love to share with you why I’d love to work with you because the coaching relationship is a two way thing.

We've got to want to work with eachother and I want to know as your coach that I can inspire you, movitate you a push you to reach your very best potential...

Your journey, troubles, successes and wins – not matter how big or small – are SO hugely important to me and this is how I think I can give you my best so you become yours:
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