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Level Up With A Private One Day Intensive: with Nicky

'I know what it's like...

When you run a business you’re so busy doing what you do, Giving yourself time to sit, plan and focus on your wildest dreams and aspirations never seems to get scheduled in

I’ve been there!

I know that it’s almost more likely that you’d book in a manicure Let alone turn your mobile phone off, check into a luxury hotel and spend the day envisioning how great your business could be But I’m saying ‘You need to do this!’ It should be our absolute non-negotiable in business.

As women we know how to get things done but do we prioritise the planning, the dreaming and the goal setting? Most of the time the answer is no! But I’m inviting you to START TODAY

Give yourself the time you and your business deserve to focus on the very best of what you do So that you can take your business to the next level Because on a plane, we put our own oxygen mask on first and then we help others Which is something I have really learnt the value of And you will too!

Just think ‘How much more could I give, and how much more could I be of service to my clients if I just took time out to put myself and my business first, and get super clear on where I’m at and where I want to go?’

A One Day Intensive with me at the gorgeous location of All Bright Collective in London is just the place for you to get super inspired, and laser focused on what your ideal business looks like

And the incredibly exciting ‘next steps’ you need to take to get there

Nicola asks the questions we don't think to ask ourselves and she makes us answer the questions we don't want to ask ourselves!
Karen Wallis Smith

Private One Day Intensive: with Nicky

A typical intensive day is designed around making the most of the creative thinking time we have together and looks like this

  • 10am Arrival, coffee and welcome chat…
  • 10.30 Let’s start where you’re at now and where you’d love to be!
  • 2pm Laser focus on what does your ideal business look like?
  • 5pm Round up and close

The day you give yourself will

  • lift you up…give you that ‘spark’ back
  • reaffirm your own belief in what you do
  • reinvigorate your deepest desires, dreams and goals
  • focus back in on your ‘WHY’
  • get crystal clear on where you’re at and what’s next for you


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I just find it an amazing combination that Nicky can simultaneously handle my ’stuff' that pulls me down, and rocket-propel me so that my business leaps forwards.
Nancy Poller

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