a discovery call

Do you remember why you started your business?
Do you remember all that passion and drive you had, and the creative spark to make your vision a reality?

It’s so easy to lose sight of ourselves in our businesses: our purpose, our mission, our reasons for creating something unique to share with the world.

And slowly but surely we realise we’re feeling disconnected.

Sound familiar?

You’ve reached a solid level of success, but it feels like you are stalling. You know you have more to achieve, but it’s just out of reach.

The excitement is gone, and you can’t see how to get back in the game.

You want to level up and reach your full potential.

You want to create an impact with more joy, less struggle, and more excitement.

You want to reconnect with your purpose, your passion, and your design DNA.

But you’re feeling out of sync with your business and your brand. 

You’re stuck, frustrated, and overwhelmed. You can’t find the energy to move forward, and you’re not sure which direction to take…

So what would it take to make being in business feel good again?

How might things change if you could feel inspired again?

What could you achieve if you could reconnect with your story, your confidence, and your goals?

You have it within you to fulfill your potential, level up your business, and achieve success you deserve.

It’s all about owning your story.


It’s time to…

Allow yourself the freedom, space and time to be yourself. Create the career you have spent years chasing. Delve deep, and reconnect with your business and brand.

Start making brave choices.


Leaving the struggle behind.

Having the headspace to reflect, revise and reconnect.

Getting crystal clear on what you need to do to achieve your goals – and how to actually make them a reality!

This is how good business can feel.

It’s time to get fired UP!

My job as a female business coach is to support you, fire you up, and walk every step of the way with you on this incredible path. It’s my job to keep showing up, keep sharing with you, and keep telling you how you can get whenever it is you want! My collaborative approach creates a learning experience that will make your business feel more joyful - and become more successful.
‘Nicola has an overwhelmingly positive and productive attitude.

She asks the questions we don't think to ask ourselves - and she makes us answer the questions we don't want to ask ourselves!

The end result has been a renewed enthusiasm and motivation, leading to some incredibly positive changes. Nicola has been instrumental in encouraging us onwards and upwards.’
Karen Wallis-Smith, Fritz Fryer

Take the first steps

Towards reconnecting with your purpose, owning your story, and leveling up your business.

Start making brave choices.

  • Book a discovery call with me


We’ll have an initial consultation, via video conferencing or over the phone.

We’ll talk about what is going well in your business, what’s not, and what support you might need to take things forward. Your discovery call is absolutely free, and there’s no obligation to work with me afterward. 

Are you ready to show up unequivocally?


100% all-in?

Are you ready to get started?


‘Nicola creates an absolute turning point!

When I look at my brand on social media I can pinpoint the exact week where our coaching began.

The change in three months was incredible! With a brand new business mindset, I could see by the end of the year how clear my goals were!’
Lorna Oakley, The Mac


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