Moodboarding with Intention


Manifesting, through the medium of moodboarding, is the visual art of setting intentions and bringing them to life.

It’s one of the key factors in achieving your goals: in your personal life, work life, business or on a project-by-project basis.

Whether you realise it or not, we are all pulling together images in our vision every single day and slotting them together in our subconscious minds to form inspiration, aspirations. Goals, targets, intentions.

They can be in the form of an advert we see on the television, of which we take a mental snapshot. Or a magazine editorial mention, or again, advert, which we may earmark the page of or tear the sheet out (if you’re anything like me you have box after box of tear sheets: it’s the journalist in me!) More recently, we have the ‘save’ buttons on the likes of Instagram which enable us to go back and reference our favourite posts at any given time, and of course, Pinterest – everyone’s favourite moodboarding app.

All of this ‘habitual manifesting’ works in the same way as when we choose to make a big purchase for instance. Imagine you’re buying a yellow car for example…suddenly your vision will be drawn to every example of a yellow car out there on the road that is humanely possible. Coincidence? Not at all! Because when we decide on what we want, and we show up, the universe begins working immediately to draw our attention to any example, opportunity or evidence that supports out vision.

From a big promotion to a new business; a lifestyle update to a whole new work routine; moodboarding with intention is a tool we all need to fine-tune and use more often because when we do, our goals can be achieved faster.

A moodboard is the very start of bringing something to life…but, as best-selling author, speaker and self-confessed spirit junkie, Gabrielle Bernstein says:

“You can write a thousand lists and make a million vision boards, but if you don’t clearly feel what you want to experience, it will never truly manifest into form.”
Gabrielle Bernstein

So if something as simple as creating a moodboard is so powerful when it comes to achieving our goals, why aren’t we all manifesting more, getting better, quicker, more tangible results? And why oh why do we also think the art of moodboarding is confined to interior designers, art students or graphic design presentations?

Admittedly, as creative business owners we DO seem to have the art of moodboarding down to yes, a fine art. We might use a moodboard for a number of reasons:

  • To help our clients visualise a project
  • To actually sell the reality of a project
  • To help steer a client to make choices
  • To inspire ourselves or others
  • To decide if something works
  • Does it feel good?
  • Does the shoe fit?
  • Is there anything you’d tweak about it that doesn’t feel quite right?
  • To strengthen an offering or collection

But moodboards are just as valuable when used to help us achieve our personal goals too.

Why? Because it’s incredibly motivating to see a visual moodboard in front of you each day. In fact it’s motivating. It aligns us with our vision. It constantly, and consistently reminds us of what we want, what we have declared we desire in our life.

So just what is a moodboard made up of? And how should it look?

There are 4 key elements:

  1. Visual images (printed, tear sheets, cut outs)
  2. Materials / tactile items
  3. Colour references / blocks of colour
  4. Text (sometimes)

Here are some examples of moodboarding that inspire me: from pinning to a cork board or creating a fluid, ‘moveable’ vision board on a table in front of you (I suggest taking a quick snap to remind yourself of it!) But the most important thing to remember – and what I am trying to show you here – is a moodboard can take any form that inspires you.

Where can moodboards be displayed?

Moodboards can be displayed in any manner of places as long as you can see them and absorb them:

  • living room walls
  • office notice boards
  • pretty flat lays that you take a picture of and keep as a screensaver
  • tear sheets stuck to a wall with MT Tape
  • inside your kitchen cupboards, bathroom cabinet or wardrobe

It’s also great to encourage kids to stick them along the wall next to or above their beds – they’ll love being involved and creating their own. My children are always covering their walls with things that inspire them or images of goals they have set themselves.

I have a wall of mood boards so I can constantly be envisioning my goals and working towards them. I like to see images pinned in front of me and for that reason I always have a pile of neutral MT tape ready for those tear sheets to become my living wallpaper.

We are also lucky to have digital aids at our fingertips: it’s great to create Pinterest boards but nothing replaces the impact of seeing them in front of you – it’s key to achieving the next level of your success. By all means, I encourage you to begin your research on platforms like Pinterest but make sure you find a way of creating a physical representation that you can touch, see and ‘feel’ every day. It WILL create a quicker path to success.

Not only that, it means we can see what’s in our mind’s eye, freeing up more manifesting space to move on to the next goals once the boxes are ticked. My moodboards are forever changing on my walls but I always carefully remove the successful ones as I love to keep a reminder of how I actually managed to make it a reality.


When you create a manifestation vision, detach yourself from the HOW and simply ‘trust’.  Creating a moodboard with intention is about being truly connected to your deepest desires.

There is ONE golden rule:

Do not cheat the system!

DO NOT question the HOW and DO NOT put ANYTHING on that board that you don’t truly want and love.

Just remember, as author Marianne Williamson says:

“There is no order of difficulty in miracles”


"There is no order of difficulty in miracles."
Marianne Williamson
Start creating your future

Now…imagine a year from now, waking up and you’ve achieved the goal you set yourself.

How proud would you be of yourself?

How happy would you be that you had succeeded in visualising and manifesting this goal?

I’d love you to share your moodboards over on the SSB instagram page. Simply tag us @seriouslystylishbusiness in your story or post and we’ll share with our followers. Let’s take ownership of our biggest, wildest dreams and make them happen…

…Go create!