Don’t play big, stop playing small

There is so much talk around “playing big”.
Are you playing big? You need to play bigger, or maybe you have been asked “what's stopping you from playing big?”.
I kind of get it, it's kind of motivating.

What if this concept of playing big is not something that resonates with you?

Just how do you do it?

This is the situation that I found myself in. Then it dawned on me, you could say that I realised there was this huge difference between the concept of playing big, and playing in a totally different way. There was no going back. And what came to light for me, was that even though there’s actually a concept of playing big that resonates with some, for me it was nothing to do with playing big, but it was everything to do with NOT playing small.

I used to think “I can't launch a mastermind, what if nobody signs up”, but here we are two years later and they just signed up for another year.

Playing big has literally tripped me up on so many occasions because I can see the big picture so much it overwhelms me. “Oh, my goodness, how am I going to get there, how am I going to put everything in place?” It scared me too much. So I stopped.

This does not mean you can’t have big visions or mood boards, but it’s important to not get trapped in it. Learn to focus on the feeling, how do you want to feel? Stopping playing small means that you can move along, take baby steps, learn along the way. You will not miss out on the valuable lessons that are meant for you.
I want you to focus on your goals, I want you to get them, I want you to achieve them. So, next time you feel bogged down, stuck in the mud, struggling to see the path ahead, catch yourself – stop and think; is it possible that you can’t find the solution to this problem because you are playing small?

Watch this video on my YouTube channel for deeper insights into the concept of “Don’t play big. Stop playing small.” Give it a try then connect with me via the social channels (you can find the links below) to let me know how this simple switch has revolutionised your business mindset.