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I didn’t take the generic route to running a successful business! And I’m guessing you might not have either? In fact, what is the conventional route? Is there one? In business I think each and every one of us have a unique path in business… No two journeys in serious business development are the same!

Gain crystal clear clarity on where you are and where you’re heading next!
Nicola Wilkes

My journey to success

My degree is in Journalism although I told myself throughout my entire degree that I wasn’t good enough to be one…how silly is that?

Because I trained in Wales I was also told that because I didn’t speak Welsh I wouldn’t get a gig.

So I focused on the national press et voila! My career was born, a journalist I was and a bloody successful one! Instead of lots of local publications on my print list with poor pay, it was a long list of incredible national interiors magazines.

Here’s a list of just some that I’ve written for:

Elle Decoration, Grand Designs, Ideal Home, Blueprint, Furniture Today, House Beautiful, Beautiful Homes, 25 Beautiful Kitchens, Kitchens Bedrooms and Bathrooms, Style at Home, Your Home, Real Homes, Bridge for Design, Furniture Today.

If you believe it’s meant for you, what’s stopping you?
Nicola Wilkes

I was also a design columnist for the Western Mail for seven years and a guest blogger for MyDeco.com when it first launched…that was super exciting!

and I’m half way through a PhD on Interior Design Magazines but I got sidetracked as my career in magazine journalist rocketed. So you know what? I’ve made peace with myself on this one because the path I’m on now is WAY more ME.

And I’m happy. Really bloody happy.

So I accept that the PhD journey got me right where I am now and for that I am insanely grateful.

I’m also a frequent voice on BBC Radio Wales when there’s a news story about interiors; and I’ve spoken at Cardiff Metropolitan University and Autumn Fairand I’ve been featured on UKTV Home channel.

And you know what else?

YOUR story is key.

Key to your success, where you go next and WHY In fact, you’d be surprised how your story can shape your business…

Let's do this!


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